Class Handouts

Type Title Source(s)
Pattern Booklet The Simple Renaissance Shirt Countess Enríqueta de Reyes y Mora
SCA Publication Forward Into the Past SCA Publications Office
Class Handout Economic Equestrian Trapping Lady Tassine de Bretagne
Photocopied Excerpts Costume & Fashion Volume II: Senlac to Bosworth 1066 – 1485; Covering Headresses and Footgear – 13th & 14th centuries
Tournaments Illuminated Article The Bliaut: A Reconstruction Based on Primary Source Material Belinda Sibly – from Issue 109 Winter 1993
Web pages/Class Handout Sprang & Sprang Bags Phiala O’Caellaigh
Article/Class Handout Evolution from Under to Outer Garments Charlotte Whatley – Vintage Fashions July/August 1990
Midrealm Publication The Pale – Proposed Law Changes A.S. XXXI Midrealm Publications
Class Handout Notes on Cloth for SCA Use: Cloth Identification andSelection for Good Garb Lady Morgaine ferch Cadwr – Pennsic XXV
Class Handout So You Need To Make Some Garb Compiled by: Lady Celine de Montelimar
Photocopied plates from various sources Italian Renaissance Portraits Noted on individual pages
Photocopied excerpt Garb Timeline: A Chronology of Fashion 400 – 1660 Unknown
Photocopied plates Dress in Medieval France Unknown
Class Handout Women’s Clothing in Burgundy & France circa 1445-1465 Dame Catriona Mairghread nic Dhuibh of Moray (Monica E. Spence)
Class Handout(?) Headdresses Various excerpts – unknown
Class Handout Russian Dress Various excerpts – unknown
Photocopied plates Viking Garb – Annotated Bibliography, plates & drawings Various excerpts – unknown
Class Handout Brocaded Tablet Weaving Lord Rufus of Stamford
Tournaments Illuminated Article Recreating a 14th Century 10-Gore Dress Linda M. Blowney – from Issue 116 Fall 1995
Tournaments Illuminated Article Recreating the Mente – An Eastern European Nobleman’s Coat Geta Alexandra din Wallachia & István din Bransov – from Issue 96 A.S. XXV
Midrealm Publications The Pale – Middle Pages – A Collection Past issues of The Pale – Various Authors
Class Handout Medieval Shoe & Boot Patterning and Construction And A Basic Guide to Footwear in the Ciking Age Unknown
Photocopied plates A Visual History of Costume in the 14th & 15th Centuries Margaret Scott
OU Coursebook (HIST 394A/594A) Sources of English Constitutional History: A Selection of Documents From A.D. 600 to the Present (1550) Edited & Translated by: Carl Stephenson and Frederick George Marsham
Article/Class Handout – 2 copies How to Sharpen a Knife in One Easy Lesson with a Minimal Amount of Pain, Blood and Cut Fingers Laird Eidiard an Gobhainn, APF, OGR
Photocopy Children’s Colouring Pages Caroline de Mercier
Article Clothing of Norman Women in the Late 11th & Early 12th Centuries Sarah Doyle – as published in Chronicle
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