Compleat Anachronist

Issue No. Title Author(s)
2 Selections from The Hammer: Part 1 Originally published in The Hammer, edited by: Sir Polidor Haraldsson
3 Selections from The Hammer: Part 2 Originally published in The Hammer, edited by: Sir Polidor Haraldsson
4 Indoor Games: Or – How to While Away a Siege Edited by: Guy de Montferrat de la Meslaye
5 The SCA Guide to Brewing Lady Arwen Evaine fert Rhys ap Gwynedd
6 Over the Edge – The Cavalier Issue Edited by: Garth of Tryon Hill & Ellendar of the Far Glens
7 Pure Air and Fire – Indeed a Horse Edited by: Lady Dagmar von Selck, of Kobenhaven
14 Costuming to a T: Basic SCA Sewing Andelina Nicollette, OL
20 Barbariab Cultures Baroness Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
31 An Introduction to Blackwork Shoshonnah Jehanne ferch Emrys
36 Early Scandanavian Cultures: (1) Documentation from the Sagas; (2) The Naming System in Viking and Medieval Scandanavia (1) Roark Wulfkynde the Peacock
(2) William de Corbie
43 Palette of Period Pigments Megan ni Laine de Belle Rive
44 The Troubadours – 2 copies Leah di Estera
46 The Judgement of Allah: Arms and Armour in Islam Balian fitzGilbert
47 Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination William de Corbie
49 Women in Medieval Times – 2 copies Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
51 The Islamic World Cariadoc of the Bow; Khaalid al-Jarrad; Da’ud ibn Auda
57 A Viking Miscellanea Donna E. Green; Kay Frisbie; Oreta Taylor; Linda S. Helm-Little
58 Medieval Knighthood: The Beginning Brian Temple (Lord Roderick Ian O’Connell)
64 Scandanavian Textiles Cathy Chato; Terry A. Brodery-Swagin; Dorian L. Patkus
66 Welsh Miscellany Heather Rose Jones
71 Period Pastimes: Being a Timeline of Games with Instructions and Commentary on Selected Games Played in Medieval Europe Patrick J. Smith (Master Brusten de Bearsul, OL, OP)
72 A`ineh: Oriental Mirror Armour David Anthony Counts
73 Best of “Chronique” – Journal of Chivalry Edited by: Brian R. Price (Earl Brion Thornbird, KSCA, OL)
74 Dance: The Playbeau Interview with M. Jean Playbeau and S. Guido Negroso: Or – A Dialogue Concerning the History of Various European Social Dances Paul Rochefort
75 Vestarios: Clothing of Eastern Roman Empire C.E. 400-1453 Donna Bowers
76 A Dreamer’s Travels: Being the Adventures of a Pilgrim in the Current Middle Ages Related as an Allegorical Tale in the Style of the Time Wherein He Meets Many Curious Folk and Learns Through Divers Curious Adventures and Entertaining Travels in an Enchanted Country Wherein Lies The Dream Ioseph of Locksley, OL, OP
77 Medieval Baskets The Honourable Lady Elfwyn de Barfleur
78 Non-European Games Lord Brusten de Bearsul (now OL, OP)
79 From the Kitchens of Castle Gillywick Willihilda, the Kitchen Wench Lady Therica Pembroke of Stonegate Manor, OL
80 Things To WEar:Clothing of the Heian Period – Japan Fujiwara noAoi (Kass McGann)
83 University of Paris: Higher Education in the Middle Ages Lady Isabelle de Foix
84 A Short History & Manual of Handgonnes in the Middle Ages Don Justinian Syke of Rakovec
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