Baronial Order of Precedence

Shire of Dernehealde – Watchful Tower (01/19/2008) – hosting Baronial Championships two years –
2006 & 2007.

Altani Unegen
WT Watchful Tower 01/11/2014
GR Gilded Reed 11/01/2014

Ashely of Dernehealde
GR Gilded Reed 11/07/2015

Botolfr fra Skogtjorn
GA Golden Affadyl
GR Gilded Reed 4/14/1990
WT Watchful Tower 05/31/2003
Warden of the Marche 6/1/2001
Baron’s Challenge

Eidiard an Gobhainn
GR Gilded Reed
WT Watchful Tower 05/31/2003
GR Gilded Reed
Baronial Champion – Thrown Weapons 12/8/2007
Warden of the Marche – Thrown Weapons 01/10/2009
Baronial Champion – Heavy Weapons 09/26/2009

Finche Odhinnsdottir
GR Gilded Reed
Baron’s Challenge/Cuff – Scribal
WT Watchful Tower 12/09/2006
WT Watchful Tower 01/19/2008
Baronial Champion – Arts & Sciences 09/26/2009
Shepherd of the Middle Marches 01/14/2017

Grania of Dernehealde
Hope of the Marche 12/09/2007

Koda Satoshi (aka Takeda Fuyuuji)
GR Guilded Reed – 11/07/2015

Lamorak of Dunsinane
GA Golden Affodyl
GR Gilded Reed
Baron Middle Marches 10/20/2007 – 10/6/2012

Lucina la Frepiere
GR Gilded Reed
WT Watchful Tower 12/09/2006

Melisande de Marmande
GR Gilded Reed 01/19/2008

Mikael ibn Yusuf al Uqlidsi
Baronial Champion – Thrown Weapons
Warden of the Marche – 11/07/15

Mikjall Sauthamathr (Celeste of Dernehealde)
GA Golden Affadyl
Warden of the Marche 5/7/2011
WT Watchful Tower 5/18/2013
WT Watchful Tower 01/14/2017

Padraig Tomasswn
SG Sable Gate 11/01/2014
Warden of the Marche – 4/11/15

Petrus the Bear
SG Sable Gate 10/22/2016

Pompeia Furia
SG Sable Gate 11/01/2014

Talymar gan y Llewyn
WT Watchful Tower
GA Golden Affodyl – Premier of the Award
Baronial Arts Champion
Shepherd of the Middle Marches
Order of the Cauldron (Barony of Eoforwic – Ealdormere)
Baronial Champion – Thrown Weapons 11/8/2008
Baronial Champion – Armored Combat
Titan of the March 10/1/2008
Warden of the Marche

Torquil MacAlpine
WT Watchful Tower 05/31/2003
WT Watchful Tower 01/19/2008
Baronial Champion – Rapier 09/26/2009
Warden of the Marche 5/15/2010

Trian O’Sean
Hope of the Marche 11/07/2015

Wilhelm Salzburger
Golden Affodil 1/19/2013
Sable Gate 4/5/2014

Shire Events 2017

Meetings: Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm
Grover Hall Rm E304, OU Campus

Meeting A&S Classes:

Craft Nights: Thursdays, Starting Sept. 7
7PM – 10PM – Grover Hall Rm W125
Every other week

Fighter Practice: Tuesdays, 6pm – 7:45pm
Sundays starting September 3,
1pm – 5pm Morton Hall, Rm 201

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