Haunted Tower 5: Memento Mori

Breakfast and Lunch Menu* (Gluten Free Options Available for Everything.)

Blueberry Oatmeal with a side of Bacon and a Cup of Coffee $5
Fresh Brewed Coffee $1
Plowman’s Platter (hard boiled egg, chunk of cheese, fresh fruit, homemade bread) $6
Venison Chile or Vegetarian Chili (Comes with chunk of bread, cookie, and bottled water) $6 (Both options are (GLUTEN FREE)
BBQ Chicken Sandwich (comes with a cookie and bottled water) $6

(Everything is homemade with locally grown and raised ingredients.)

Feast Menu (Saturday Evening)
Feast: Ein Fest Makaber (A Feast Macabre)
Feast Steward: Lady Clarissa de Corvus
A German feast with a surprise twist!

* Denotes Vegetarian (may contain egg, nut or milk products)
^ Denotes Gluten Free

On Table
Marrow Soup
*^ Oyster Stew (Oyster mushrooms}
*^ Assorted Breads
*^ Obatzda (cheese butter) / Table Butter

First Course
Bratwurst atop Fava Beans served with a Chianti Reduction Sauce
*^ Vegetarian Sausage atop Fava Beans served with a Chianti Reduction Sauce

Second Course
^ Roasted Pork with an Apple, Cinnamon Glace`
*^ Roasted Mushroom Caps topped with Minced Onion, Apple, Raisins and Cheese with an Apple Spice Glace`
*^ Sweet and Sour Beet and Red Cabbage Slaw
* Speitzel with Gravy

Third Course
^ Hens in Marinade
*^ Roasted Parsnips and Onion in Honey
*^ A Sauté of Greens

*^ Rodgrod
Red Fruit Pudding served with Heavy Cream

* Denotes Vegetarian (may contain egg, nut or milk products)
^ Denotes Gluten Free

Menu and ingredients subject to change on Cooks whim.

There’s no reason you should not leave with a full belly.

Don’t want to eat feast or at the lunch counter? Here are some nearby alternatives.

Hungry Buffalo. 12762 Grey St. Logan, OH 43138

Weaver’s Market and Deli 12803 SR 664S Logan, OH 43138

La Cascada 30683 Redrocfk Ct. Logan, OH 43138

There are also several fast food places in Logan.
Kroger’s and Wal-Mart are nearby.

*All lunch counter profits will go to a rapier scholarship Fund. (Not funded by the Kingdom of the Middle, Barony of the Middle Marches, or the Shire of Dernehealde in any way). This scholarship will be awarded to eligible Dernehealde Rapier fighters whom apply and are selected. The scholarship will pay the gate fee for the recipient to attend War Week at Pennsic. The scholarship recipient is required to attend all events at Pennsic that award war points. The recipient is required to pay back the award amount within the coming year via a fundraiser or other means. This is a brand new thing that we are creating this year. We are very excited at the opportunity to send one or more of our rapier fighters to War Week at Pennsic next year. Applicants are chosen by their need, chivalry, membership in the SCA for at least one calendar year, membership in the Shire of Dernehealde for at least one calendar year, and an authorized fencer for at least one year.