Haunted Tower 5: Memento Mori

Haunted Tower V Martial Activities

The Combat Archery Admin class information is listed under the Arts and Sciences page.


We have several tourneys planned for Haunted Tower V with prizes awarded for the winner of each tourney.

Heavy List Torchlight Tourney

Glow in the dark weapons are strongly suggested.

Rapier Fastest Sword in the Tower Tourney

Are you the fasted sword in the tower? Draw your blade from it’s scabbard and kill your opponent before they kill you.

Rapier Celtic Poison Tourney

The Celts were known to use poison.
1. Stabs ONLY. NOTHING ELSE counts.
2. If you get stabbed, you die.
3. We’ll probably do this one as a round robin type tournament. We haven’t decided yet.

Rapier Inconceivable Tourney

  1. You must start the fight left handed (or non dominant hand). – After enough time and Marshal’s call, you may switch hands.
  2. You must not touch the ropes or else you will fall off the “cliff.”
  3. You must engage in light-hearted and friendly banter (don’t be mean or disrespectful) – discuss your own or your opponent’s technique, comment on your opponent’s outfit, or why you enjoy fencing – throughout the fight.

Unarmored Cut and Thrust Tournament

This is a points-based tournament where each fighter will fight 3 passes with every other fighter to accumulate points. Points are scored as follows:

  • Head – 4pts
  • Torso – 3pts
  • Arms/ legs/hands – 2pts
  • Feet – 4 pts

The combatant who hits first will get full value of points for the body part hit. The combatant who strikes an after-blow will receive the value of that body part minus one.

Cut and Thrust Memento Mori Tournament

Nothing in life is certain! In this tournament, combatants will draw cards to choose their station in life. Depending on your station you might have some advantages!

The stations are as follows:

  • Spades (Fghter)- will be said to be wearing a breastplate (immune to cuts and thrusts to the torso.
  • Hearts (Hospitaliler)- is said to heal non-lethal wounds (may heal one wound to either arm or hand).
  • Diamonds (Merchant)- is said to have control over goods and weapons (may choose opponents weapon style).
  • Clubs (Commoner)- well, let’s face it, there’s no advantage here (no advantages).
  • Joker (Death)- yes, death comes for all! (combatants who draw this card automatically lose the bout).