Below is a list of online resources that are useful to newcomers and current members alike. If you come across a page or website that you feel would benefit the members of our fair shire, please let the know.

SCA Sites:

MiddleWiki – The purpose of this Wiki is to serve as a collection of answers to all the questions that come up occasionally by members, new members and/or non-members about the Middle Kingdom, its history and customs. This resource is very much in need of population.

Martial Forms & Waivers:

Participant’s Waiver Form – (.pdf)
Martial in Training – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Authorization Form – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Authorizations – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Participants Sign-Up – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Roster: Marshals – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Group Roster Participants – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Combat Roster – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Combat Single – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Minor Combat – (.doc) (.pdf)

Youth Information:

Middle Kingdom Youth Policy (.pdf)
Running a youth-centered event like “It Takes my Child to Raze a Village”
Youth Point Forms (.pdf)
Individual Minor Waiver (.pdf)
Family Minor Waiver (.pdf)

Shire Events 2018

Meetings: Tuesdays, 6:30pm-dark
Richland Avenue Park


Meeting A&S Classes: TBA


Craft Nights: TBD


Fighter Practice:  Tuesdays, 6pm – 7:45pm


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Dernehealde Directory

A listing of current Shire members. To be added to the Directory, simply click on the link below and fill out the form.

  Dernehealde Directory Form

The Directory is not and will not be published on the web.