Below is a list of online resources that are useful to newcomers and current members alike. If you come across a page or website that you feel would benefit the members of our fair shire, please let the know.

SCA Sites:

MiddleWiki – The purpose of this Wiki is to serve as a collection of answers to all the questions that come up occasionally by members, new members and/or non-members about the Middle Kingdom, its history and customs. This resource is very much in need of population.

Martial Forms & Waivers:

Participant’s Waiver Form – (.pdf)
Martial in Training – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Authorization Form – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Authorizations – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Participants Sign-Up – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Activity Roster: Marshals – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Report Group Roster Participants – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Combat Roster – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Combat Single – (.doc) (.pdf)
MK Waiver Minor Combat – (.doc) (.pdf)

Youth Information:

Middle Kingdom Youth Policy (.pdf)
Running a youth-centered event like “It Takes my Child to Raze a Village”
Youth Point Forms (.pdf)
Individual Minor Waiver (.pdf)
Family Minor Waiver (.pdf)

Shire Events 2017

Meetings: Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm
Grover Hall Rm E304, OU Campus


Meeting A&S Classes:


Craft Nights: Thursdays, starting Jan. 18
7PM – 10PM – Grover Hall Rm W125
Every other week


Fighter Practice:
1pm – 5pm Morton Hall, Rm 201


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