Officers List

seneschalsmClarissa de Corvus
(Katie Nolen)
heraldsmAdam of Derenhealde
(Adam Myers)
chroniclersmFinche Odhinnsdottir
(Judith Winner)
artscismFinche Odhinnsdottir
(Judith Winner)
Minister of Arts & Sciences
exchequersmMikjall Sauthamathr
(Celeste Taylor)
marshalsmMarcus ap Talymar
(Mark Johnson)
Group Marshal
chatelainesmKatlyn of Dernehealde
(Katlyn Stump)
fencingsmLeofwyn Godwinesdohtir
(Leofwine Klinger)
Rapier Marshal
(Currently Vacant)
(Currently Vacant)
webministesmFinche Odhinnsdottir
(Judith Winner)
Kadas of Dernehealde
(Griffin Roberts)
Minister of Youth
Leofwyn Godwinesdohtir
(Leofwine Klinger)
Social Media Office
Shire Events 2020

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 7pm-10pm
Grover Hall, Rm W123
1st & 3rd Tuesdays 6pm-10pm
Athens Outdoors. Located at 8978 United Lane, Athens, Ohio 45701. Located off Hwy 50 in the Fruth/Dollar General shopping center.

Meeting dates for the First and Third Tuesdays are 02/18, 03/03, 03/17 (St. Patrick's), 04/07, 04/21, 05/05 (Cinco de Mayo), 05/19/2020

Fighter Practice: Sundays 1pm-6pm
Morton Hall, Rm 126


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